Need Help With Persistent Tub Overflow Leak – What Can I Do?

After a period of use, your bathtub suddenly leaked. This obstruction interferes with the whole family’s daily activities. Do not panic! If you need help with persistent tub overflow leak, referring to these tips may do you good. Let’s see how to fix this problem in a flash!

Need Help With Persistent Tub Overflow Leak – What Can I Do?

Bathtub overflowing is an experience no one wants to encounter. But hardly does anyone know what to do to avoid it.

To develop the most effective repair, you first need to determine the cause of your tub leak.

Define the leaks

Drain Leaks

Drain leakage occurs when the drain at the bottom of the bathtub or the surrounding drain loosen and leads to a water trickle. If this situation persists, water will build up in a hidden place and then cause serious damage to the pipes in the long run.

The usual leak normally happens below the bathtub. It’s more dangerous when water is only leaking a small amount at a slow pace, so you may be subjective and ignore it. Until you have it repaired, little damage has become serious consequences.

Faucet Leaks

Faucet leaking occurs when various water supply components such as valves, taps, showers, or underground water pipes behind the wall leaks.

The dripping tap or shower is not a very serious situation and is difficult to fix, as leaking water in these locations will all go down the drain. If this problem lasts too long, you can waste a considerable amount of water to fix, so it’s best to call a mechanic as soon as possible.

Conversely, if a leak occurs in the water pipes located inside the wall, it can seriously damage the wall and ceiling surfaces underneath the bathtub.

Grout And Caulk Leaks

One of the most common leakage types is the grout, or the gaps between your bath, shower, and wall appear cracks and crevices.

If this happens over the long term, water from the shower or water splashes from the bathtub will seep through the wall into the wall’s recesses, causing mold and damage.

The repair fee for this damage is quite costly. But if you pay attention and intervene early, the problem will be simple and less expensive.

Fix The Leaks

Here are some solutions for the three common water leak causes that will satisfy you.

Grout And Caulk Leaks

These two problems can be prevented very easily by regularly checking grout lines and joints to weld and correct them when you find any risks growing.

Where water has seeped into the wall for a long time, you may need more complex repair techniques such as removing the outer surface of the wall, repairing the damage of the backing or wall studs, then rebuilding the wall.

Faucet leaks:

The best remedy to fix this problem is turning off the water supply and then checking and repairing or replacing leaky pipes.

Leaks are likely to occur when the water supply system expires or has been in use for too long.

Note: Plumber often suggests replacing galvanized steel pipes with copper or new PEX pipes; you may consider this material to improve your pipes’ lives.

Drain leaks:

To fix the drain leaks, you can refer to one of the three following ways:

You can repair the exhaust connection and the recessed pipe section. If the problem is from the spill-free lid getting loose, you can simply screw it up.

Or else, you can check and fasten the coupling on the tub drain trap. If your bathtub is installed correctly, it will have a panel on the wall, located behind the tub. If your bathtub has recesses, you will find the tub’s front detachable for fitting drainage accessories.

In this case, the repair will just be tightening the drainage fitting to prevent water from leaking out. If your drainage accessories are quite old, let’s replace them.

Then the final solution, you can replace the bath drain hose. Normally, bath drain pipes will be sealed with a rubber gasket; if the gasket or powder is damaged, a water leak might escalate due to the bath drain hose leaking under the bath.

Although replacing new sewer pipes takes a long time and is quite expensive, it isn’t a difficult task for professional repairmen.


Above are the identifying signs and how to fix the bathtub water leak that is bothering you. If you need help with persistent tub overflow leak, don’t forget to review this article to determine the cause and choose the remedy that best suits you.


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