How Long Does Biotin Take To Work?

Are you taking biotin for hair growth? Well, incorporating biotin supplements into your life as part of your hair loss prevention method can be a great deal. Biotin is said to play a very important role in working through your hair loss by means of a more natural approach.

But the big question here is how long does biotin take to work? How much do you need to wait?

Anyway, I made my research to answer this most frequently asked question when it comes to hair growth and this is what I am going to share in this article. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

What is Biotin? What is The Reason People Area Taking It?

Biotin has been called by different names such as Vitamin B7, vitamin H as well as coenzyme R. but this very common vitamin is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin that is commonly found in foods like leafy green vegetables, peanuts, legumes, oat flakes, white mushrooms, salmon, cheese, cow’s milk as well as raw egg yolks and so much more.  It is also available in the form of supplements that can be purchased in most of the pharmacies as well as several online retailers.

Biotin is needed by our body for our cell to grow and to produce fatty acids. It is an essential mineral for the metabolism of fats and amino acids. This is why biotin supplements have been utilized to treat a number of conditions, but most individual taking this have one common goal. It has been believed that supplementing with biotin will improve your body’s ability to grow your hair.

Biotin supplements have always been recommended to grow hair faster and even to strengthen nails. However, there has never been any clinical trials made to support the usage of biotin supplement in improving the health of your hair; though studies have shown that a person with biotin deficiencies may lead to hair loss or alopecia.

Also, since biotin is an essential component of skin cells, it has been believed to be helpful in preventing hair loss. Take note that healthy skin cells play a crucial role in the health of hair follicles too. If your hair follicles are unhealthy or weak, it might result in an inability of retaining hair, which could lead to hair loss.

How Much Time Do You Need For Biotin To Work?

But the real question is, how long does biotin take to work? Well, the answer actually depends on several factors. First, it depends on the existing level of biotin in your body before you begin consuming this supplement. If you currently have a very low biotin level, it will most likely take a long time before you begin seeing significant changes compared to a person who is just supplementing their healthy level of biotin.

The physiological factors are also important in determining the amount of time it will take for the biotin supplement to work. Though it could be easy for anyone’s bodies to absorb biotin and make them take effect quickly, there other people whose system may not give a working environment appropriate for the supplement to thrive, thereby producing a much slower result.

But most of all, the amount of time biotin supplement takes to work will largely depend on how well you are using it. Of course, we can’t expect for someone who is taking biotin or any other supplement under doctor’s supervision to have the same results to someone who mainly depends with his own knowledge. This is why I always say it over and over again how important it is to consult your doctor first before taking any supplement or drug. They will be able to determine the dosage you need every day as well as how to use it.

Anyway, according to a research, it will take between two weeks to two months to see any significant change to women who are taking biotin supplements in growing their hair. The pace of their result was relative to how well they took these supplements and whether they followed the instructions of their doctor.

Also, you have to take proper precautions in taking biotin. Some are even claiming that biotin causes their acne breakout.

Final Thought

There’s really no definite answer to the question how long does biotin take to work. If you haven’t noticed any changes since you begin taking biotin supplements, I highly recommend that you give your doctor a visit. He can give you advice on how to properly use the supplement.

Also, avoid doing anything that may cause hair fall. Do you know that leaving conditioner in your hair overnight can possibly be the reason for your hair’s starting to fall off? So if you are one of the many who’s fond of deep conditioning, I suggest you take it with proper precaution.

Anyway, if you still have further questions for me, don’t forget to drop it in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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