Top 7 Best Aloe Vera Mattress Reviews in 2020 By Consumer Reports

One of many plants known to provide users with several health benefits is Aloe Vera. It has a long history in ancient remedies, and this plant is seemingly starting to become a point of focus for the mattress manufacturing companies.

These beds seem to be highly sought after, as they provide extreme comfort and the much-needed support, making it worth every penny. It gives the utmost satisfaction irrespective of your sleeping positions. Aloe Vera mattress is one product customers can rely on for sound and relaxing sleep.

However, choosing the right Aloe Vera mattress has become challenging, as the market is swamped with a wide variety of brands ranging from good to excellent. No doubt, everyone understands the implications of purchasing the wrong fit. And, as such, I have taken time to take a thorough look at lots of top brands known to be credible for producing superior Aloe Vera mattress and come up with a comprehensive list.

The mattresses featured on the top 7 best aloe vera mattress is as a result of their incredible specs and features they can offer.

Let’s waste no time, here are best aloe vera mattress available in the market:

AC Pacific 8” Aloe Vera Extract Memory Foam Mattress

This product is an Aloe Vera infused memory foam designed for comfort and softness. The product is from a top, reputable mattress brand known to produce high-end products, which is another reason this product is ranking higher in this review.

With that said, what do you expect from Aloe Vera infused mattress if not comfort and ease? Memory foam separately offers amazing coziness and warmth, imagine was the result would be when combined synergistically with the highly beneficial plant, Aloe Vera, manifolds unfold.

AC Pacific helps users get a beautiful and peaceful night sleep by supporting the proper spine alignment while you sleep, which helps reduce the likelihood of getting a neck or back pain. The layers of the bed are constructed to provide firm support and avoid users sucking in during your rest in the product.

The product features the right weigh and dimension that works well with all beds. Coming in various sizes to ensure whatever size of bed you have at home, this aloe Vera mattress fits perfectly.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Average Firmness
  • Healing Properties and naturally hygienic
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • May not be the right product for individuals looking for more support.
  • Some clients complained of the chemical smell too strong and long-lasting.

LUCID 12” Aloe Vera Infused Hybrid Mattress

Lucid is no entrant in the mattress manufacturing brand. These brand has been one of the most sought after for years because of the extra comfort its product always offers. Would this be any different?

This mattress seems like an upgraded version of previous versions to be more comfortable and naturally hygienic without altering your current state of health. It features the well-known plant for skin health, which makes it safe for your skin. Despite, it doesn’t lack as a great mattress and providing users with extreme comfort for a sound sleep.

LUCID has mesmerized everyone, with a design sporting coils, transition and memory foam to offer support to sleepers lumbar, which keeps back pain at bay. Also, it is available in multiple sizes to ensure you had the right fit for your bed and compressed for easy shipping.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extra support (Steel coils wrapping)
  • Infused with bamboo charcoal for odor reduction
  • CertiPUR-US Certified


  • Some users still assert of small retention of the chemical odor
  • Heavier compared to other similar products

Great Deal Furniture Aloe Gel Memory Foam 13” Queen-size Pillow Top Mattress

This mattress is a fantastic product from a great brand. The manufacturer has specially designed a product to help dissipate heat that keeps interrupting your good night sleep with the help of Aloe Vera gel. The unique design keeps you relaxed and calm throughout your night.

The specially designed mattress features three great layers with specific benefits. The top layers infused with Aloe Vera is responsible for keeping you refreshed while the heat dissipate. The other layer is designed using extremely soft foam to ensure the mattress conforms with your body for maximum comfort, while the last layer is made with high-density reflective foam to provide additional firmness and support.


  • Extra firmness
  • Dissipate heat for longer sleep
  • Additional comfort
  • Relieve pressure points


  • Available in only one size, Queen.
  • Not suitable for large weight individuals

Icon Sleep 11” Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Icon Sleeps, another top brand globally respected in the industry for producing well-cushioned mattresses. This manufacturer has been providing users with products that marks an end to waking up with all sorts of pains and poor night sleep.

What’s more, it is manufactured using white poly jacquard fabric with makes the product smooth, clean and gives it’s a fresh feeling. Buyers’ don’t need to struggle with installing the mattress cover on the mattress; it comes already fitted and one free pillow to provide the right neck support.

Also, making use of gel memory foam offers you incredible support and natural alignment of your spine. This mattress is specially designed to dissipate heat, so sleepers don’t get too hot. Another features that make this product a go-to is a unique design for relieving pressure points, enhancing normal blood circulation and ensures comfortability.


  • CertiPUR US Certified
  • Gel memory foam for extra support
  • Free pillow and no mattress cover installation required
  • 3” high-density memory foam for firmness
  • Increased Airflow


  • Some customers may find it too soft
  • The chemical smell takes a while before it goes unnoticed.

Icon Sleep 15” Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Looking for a product best to help sleep better? Then, take advantage of these product 20 years’ warranty, and two free pillows offer. This mattress is still from the reputable Icon Sleep, and it seems like the manufacturer is looking to lead in this category.

The mattress is breathable, thanks to the white poly jacquard quilted fabric, which also provides a smooth, fresh and clean. The product isn’t built to be replaced anytime soon. It comes with a gel memory foam that gives the product extra firmness to support your spine and avoid any pain after sleeping in the product.

Also, the mattress comes with the ability to increase airflow, which helps get you asleep without being disturbed by heat. Besides, it is specially designed to relieve pressure points, boost normal blood flow and say bye to discomfort.


  • Increased airflow for better night sleep
  • Gel Memory Foam for additional support
  • Help combat pain and aches associated with sleeping
  • No bed cover installation and two free pillows
  • Certipur Us Certified


  • Some clients complained of uneven expansion
  • The chemical odor still takes longer to go unnoticed.

Icon Sleep 13” Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is one of the best product from Icon Sleep to splurge. The product, like others, 20 years’ warranty and one pillow rather than two pillows. The mattress is always looking smooth, clean and you can feel the freshness of this product – thanks to the breathable fabric used called white poly jacquard quilted.

It is amazingly designed to help relieve and avoid pain irrespective of your sleeping position. The gel memory foam provides sleepers with natural spine support and firmness, so you don’t start sinking in.

Equally, the item absorbs your body heat and dissipate them to keep you from being disturbed by heat. It is a top tier pick for anyone looking to improve your sleeping quality.


  • Dissipated body heat for uninterrupted night sleep
  • Extra support from the Gel Memory Foam
  • Assuage pain and ache
  • No mattress cover installation and one free pillow
  • Certipur Us Certified


  • Some clients experienced longer days for the product to fully poof up
  • The chemical odor is said to take a while before going on unnoticed.

AS Quality Signature Mattresses Aloe Vera 9” Memory Foam & Spring

This mattress is coming for a top mattress manufacturing industry in Europe called AS-Quality Signature. This mattress features a unique premium style designed in diamond to help ensure increased airflow for dissipation of heat. It is also lovely that the manufacturer has made this product to be fire resistant for safety.

The mattress is specially designed to help users sleep better, toss and turn while providing the proper support to your back. On top of that, it helps keep you cool and without you sinking in. This item adds a separately wrapped coil inner sprigs to give users a plush feeling and comfort with its layers made with Euro Top foam.


  • Support back alignment
  • Soft and comfy
  • Inner springs for a plush feeling
  • Keeps you fresh at all times


  • Some users experience difficult when rolling as the product is bulky
  • Not suitable for seniors